How to Choose a Wedding Caterer

So now that you have chosen the perfect space for your wedding, it's time to choose your yummy food!!!food2

It's important to pick food that compliments your theme.Are you doing an elegant affair at a manor and having shrimp cocktail, succulant pan seared scallops and steak au' poivre with a rich demi glaze?
Or are you having a whimsical barn wedding with lots of  heart warming, comfort food, such as apple stuffed pork tenderloin with glazed carrots, cheddar mashed potatoes and baked apple pie with hand churned cinnamon ice cream?
Or are you going for a more rustic, country feel with crispy Fresh Tomato Bruschetta, perfectly Fried Green Tomato drizzled with Pesto, and Barbecue-Braised Short Ribs with Sweet Vinegar Glaze?
Whatever your taste is, make sure it reflects your theme!There are many talented chefs to choose from but they may not be the chef for your wedding style and budget.  So narrow down your favorite chefs to about 2 or 3, schedule your tasting and have your questions ready!

I spoke with Christine Eichenmuller from Creative Cuisine and she gave me some great pointers."Food choices, presentation, and execution set the tone for a fabulous event. Work with a person that is innovative, creative, and willing to create a menu that meets your needs, vision and budget.  The single most important thing, other then the food of course, is feeling comfortable and at ease with your catering choice."

Another key point that Chef's Expressions made  is  "How many other weddings or events is your caterer involved with on your event date?" Chef's expressions states: "Unlike many caterers, we limit our calendar to ensure that each event receives the full attention of our staff. We don’t believe that a smaller event should suffer when a date or weekend is crowded with other events. Therefore, we do our best to only schedule three to four events on the same day depending on the size of the event and needs of each client." So this is a great question to keep in mind when you meet with your caterer!
If you have any questions or need a great caterer, call Party Plus for our very own favorites!

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