Catering Supplies

Catering Supply Rentals Maryland, DC, VA

Let's Eat! Nothing says “Mmm, good” better than having a tasty cookout! And when it comes to cookouts, we have everything you need to “wow” your guests at your next good old-fashioned barbecue!

To Cook

Charcoal Grills (2'x5')
Propane Grills (20”x30”)
Propane Grills w/ Griddle Top
Propane Grills w/ Rotisserie Basket
4-Burner Propane Stoves
Single Burner Butane Stoves
Corn & Crab Steamers w/ 40 Quart Stockpot


Meat Slicers
Plastic Ice Tubs
Ice Chests & Upright Beverage Dispensers
Beer Kegtainers
Spatula, Tongs, & Meat Forks
Large Trash Cans