Hospital Tenting / Covid Supplies

Ready to Open? Do it Safely!

We are closer than ever to a lot more areas of business opening up! We want you to feel safe and secure and provide your customer s with a sense of safety and comfort. From plexiglass barriers for offices, gyms, and grocery stores and more to outdoor seating and tenting. Don't forget to add in a hand sanitizer station for extra protection. Let's do this!

We Deliver In Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania

If you are a hospital, medical facility, municipality, or any other agency in need of emergency medical tenting right now we are here to serve.

We are delivering drive-through thru testing tents, medical surge tents, triage tents, generators, temporary power, HVAC and hand washing stations, hand sanitizing stations, and more.

Emergency Hospital Tenting  - Rental, Delivery, and Full Set-Up Now - Call (410) 303-9004

We Offer Complete Delivery & Set-Up Of:

• Hospital Vinyl Walls
• Medical Containment Walls
• Medical Tent Rentals
• Emergency Shelter Tent
• Field Hospital Tent Rentals
• Medical Tent
• Hospital Containment Walls
• Emergency Shelter Tent Rentals
• Triage Tent
• Hospital Hard Plastic Walls
• Emergency Tent Rentals
• Field Hospital Tents
• Medical Containment Dividers
• Hospital Containment Dividers
• Disaster Relief Tent Rentals
• Disaster Relief Tent
• Triage Tent Rentals
• Emergency Tent
• Hygiene Barriers
• Counter Barriers
• Plexiglass Barriers

Note: Download instructions on how to clean barrier glass here

Your bank uses them, your grocery store uses them, shouldn't your business be using plexiglass shields too? Protect your customers and employees with our plexiglass shields. Available now for immediate delivery.

Our Team Is Standing By and Delivering Around The Clock


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