Covid Emergency Resources

triage tent

COVID Supplies for Rent

Finding the supplies to properly handle the COVID-19 pandemic can be difficult. However, there is no need to hold your hospital, facility, municipality, or business back because Party Plus Tents + Events Tents is here to help businesses in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We offer a wide variety of COVID supplies for rent to help you open up in a way that is safe for your staff and also for your patients and customers.

Emergency Supplies for Pandemic Rental Options

We offer a selection of various tents for COVID testing, barriers, and other emergency service rentals to help make running your business easier and safer. When it comes to making sure that your business is properly equipped, you can never be too sure. So with that in mind, we want to offer you the widest variety of options for emergency supplies during the COVID pandemic. You can find a list of our available rental options here.

  • Medical Tent Rentals
  • Emergency Shelter Tent
  • Field Hospital Tent Rentals
  • Emergency Shelter Tent Rentals
  • Triage Tent Rentals
  • Emergency Tent Rentals
  • Hospital Containment Dividers
  • Disaster Relief Tent Rentals
  • Triage Tent Rentals
  • Emergency Tents
  • Hospital Hard Plastic Walls
  • Hospital Vinyl Walls
  • Medical Containment Walls
  • Hygiene Barriers
  • Counter Barriers
  • Plexiglass Barriers

We’ll not only be able to rent out these options to business, hospitals, and municipalities in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, but we’ll also deliver them and get them set up for you. We’ll make sure that everything goes smoothly for you from start to finish with our help. You won’t find a better place for your COVID supply rentals.

If you’re interested in our emergency supplies for pandemics, please feel free to browse our available options to find what you’re looking for. After that, please feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll get your order set up for your rental, delivery, and full set-up right away. You are in good hands with the help of Party Plus Tents + Events.