End of the Summer Bash

1The end of summer is quickly approaching, and one thing we always associate with the end of summer is the carnival coming to town. The best part about fairs and carnivals is the food: hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn stands and cotton candy, etc. We have all you would need to bring the fun of a carnival to your very own summer party! For your end of the summer family reunion or company picnic, people love our concession items … especially our hot dog cart which is always on very high demand! Check out all of the great concession items that we offer here!

Our popcorn machine is one of our more popular concession items for summer parties for obvious reasons. Who doesn't love fresh made popcorn? This can turn any party into a big event!

We have a great idea to counteract all that popcorn and cotton candy you’ll be eating: Using fresh fruit or frozen fruit, scatter a variety of fruit in ice cream cones and have them available throughout the party. It is a refreshing change of pace from carnival food and it will also help keep everyone cool in the summer heat.  Follow this link to get some great ideas for some summery cocktails and smoothies that will be a huge hit at your summer bash, especially if your party is involving kids! Go to our website and look under concession equipment to see a full list of our inventory! We have a ton of carnival and outdoor games as well: Bean-toss, tug of war, volleyball, cornhole, just to name a few. To top off your end of the summer party, have a moon bounce to keep the kids preoccupied! We have a slip n slide moon bounce for those unbearably hot days that are inevitable at the end of the summer. Stay tuned for more hot summer tips for your special events!

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