Food for Thought!


When you go to a wedding, you expect to be eating well all night, from the cocktail hour to dessert. Deciding what type of food to serve is one of the most important decisions you can make for your wedding (besides choosing the groom of course). The first thing you want to decide is whether you would like to serve your guests or to have a buffet style dinner. Also, serving your guests in a more formal atmosphere is the more traditional approach, however buffet style dinner is becoming more and more popular. You can still serve traditional wedding food while having a formal atmosphere! Your delicious food will be laid out in a buffet style for your guests to self-serve, and you can add some beautiful decor to have the meal come together.  You will also want to consider having a vegan or vegetarian option for your vegetarian guests to enjoy as well as a peanut or gluten free option for guests with allergy restrictions. Sushi is a great option for the cocktail hour or as an appetizer due to its increasing popularity. Also, stick with familiar foods that are most appealing to the general masses. In your mind, you might have a fancy veal dish in mind to serve to your guests, but some people may not eat veal.  It is important to figure out what a common food your guests like to make sure everyone can eat and stay happy!  Untouched plates not only are a mood-killer, it’s also a lot of money down the drain. You may want to go with something a little bit more familiar, just a tad more dressed up. Try these pigs in a blanket for cocktail hour or an appetizer. They’re casual and something most people enjoy, just fancied up a little bit. This day is all about you, so incorporate some of your favorite foods and flavors into your menu too. Also if you and/or your future spouse have different cultural backgrounds, try incorporating cuisines from your culture into your menu. This is an up and coming trend that is becoming popular at wedding receptions. Beef, chicken and fish plates are obviously the most traditional route for dinner entrées. If you’re wanting to go a little bit outside the box, consider having something different like a meat carving station if you’re going with a buffet style dinner. People love having different stations to mix things up a bit. For dessert try a s’more bar instead of the traditional wedding cake… guests will have a blast with this! If you’re thinking of nixing the whole wedding cake idea, we have several dessert options you might be interested in. You can have dessert bars or tables with a variety of sweets your guests can choose from.

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