Host an Open House!

Businesses all over are looking for fun new ways to get the word out about themselves. Well established or not, you should be proud of what you have, and everyone likes to celebrate and show off a little bit. I’ll be the first to tell you, you should! Open houses are a perfect way to do that. Give the public a warm welcome, give thanks to your loyal customers, share your latest and greatest products, or just celebrate yourselves and your accomplishments!665609_294344210676112_1296116881_o

First, when holding an open house, you need to get the word out! Post an ad in your local newspaper, get in touch with a local radio station, or hang signs and flyers if you wish to promote your event to the general public. If you want your open house to be a little more exclusive, send out personal invitations to those you would like to attend. Email invites can be a speedy way to get the word out. Put those advertising skills to use!

When hosting an open house, you want to promote yourself, as well as make your guests feel important. Keep your event exciting with music and some horderves. You don’t have to go crazy or blow away your budget on gourmet dishes, but you want to satisfy your guests; so some sandwiches, finger foods, and small desserts will the trick! When setting up any food and beverages, why not slip your brochure or any promotional flyers you have? While grabbing the grub their eyes will not be able to miss any important information you want to share!

Open Houses are a time for you to put your best foot forward. Present yourself in the best light because that is how others will see you. For those who have never used your services before, or are just there to pick up some free finger foods, congratulations, you got them in the door, but now you want to keep them there for more than the time it takes to devour the snack table.  Make your displays look fabulous and interesting and show guests what you can do for them. When holding a commercial open house, share important information in a friendly way with a smile on your face. Be confident and let others know you and your staff are full of knowledge. This is a perfect time to hold a sale or special promotion to get guests to return for future visits. This is a celebration, so let everyone know you are enjoying yourself as well, and your guests will remember you for more than just your finger foods!atlanta_chocolate_fountain

Another clever idea is to invite other businesses to promote themselves at your event. In turn you will form connections with others who can do the same for you in the future. Making bonds with the other companies in your area will ultimately benefit you in the long run, and your guests will love to have some variety at your open house! Leave a lasting impression on your guests by sending them off with a little party favor. Even just a pen, notepad, or small goodie bag will have them leaving with a smile, and every time they use that favor, they will be thinking of you!

Get creative and have fun with your open house! Like I said, be proud of all you have to offer and let it shine! Check out our Pinterest to see photos from our past open house. We had a blast!! There’s nothing better than promoting and celebrating yourself, and thanking your guests than with a party! As Always, Happy Blogging :o)

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