The Importance of Hiring Great Vendors!

Last blog I talked about "To do's for I do's!" Now, over the next couple of months, I want to help you understand "How tent1to" get them done the best way possible and this starts with hiring great and reputable vendors!  And I couldn't think of anyone better then Karen Buck from the wedding magazine "Wedding 411 on Demand" to get her take on the subject! Karen has been in this business for years and knows the "ins and outs", the "ups and the downs."  She knows every type of bride out there as well as every vendor and knows what works with all of these different personalities.  She gave me all the information you'll need to start your planning off right!

1.How well do you both interact? They must listen and understand your vision and expectations instead of  just trying to sell you something.

2. How did you find the busines? By phone book or are they actively involved in the wedding community, doing local wedding events? Have you seen their ad in a wedding magazine or website? Make sure that weddings are a part of their core business and not just something they do on the side.

3.While cost is most certainly a big consideration, don't set yourself up to be dissappointed by saving $50-$100. Remember- you get what you pay for. You will never have the opportunity to go back and redo this day!!!

4. Referrals are great but not all vendors are for all engaged couples. Do your homework and learn all you can about a business before saying "yes."

If you keep these things in mind, you should be on your way to picking the right vendors for you!

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