To Do’s for I Do’s!

You’re ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!  Tears, hugs & kisses!!  Then you look down at the perfect ring and suddenly can’t quiet the question, “Now What?”   We’ve made a brief but VERY important list of “To do’s” before you say that life changing “I do!”


1.      Pick up the phone!!  First rule after he pops the question, PICK UP THE PHONE!! Call your friends and family BEFORE you post your new bling onto Facebook!   Trust me! The people closest to you will appreciate it!  They will not be happy if they find out through Facebook or the grapevine.


2.      Ring a Ling!!  It’s important that you get your ring sized and insured right away.  The brides that don’t do this find that they have lost the very ring that he proposed with and they can’t do anything about it!


3.      Get a Wedding Planner! And No, I don’t mean one like FRAAANCK’ from Father of the Bride!!  I’m referring to that awesome app on your iPhone or the one you can order right online to keep you organized!


4.      Don’t be late to set a date!!  People will bug you about this!  You don’t have to set an exact date, but an answer like “early Spring” or “next Fall” will do!


5.      Size Matters!!!  It is important to outline the size of your wedding and you must talk to your parents before doing so.  Ask them for an ideal list and take it from there. Without an idea of size, you can’t determine a budget, which means you can’t even start dreaming realistically (oxy-moron) without knowing how to dream!


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