Food Action Stations: Ooh, Aah, Yum!

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Plain old buffets are a thing of the past. Now, with the help of some very creative minds and a few neat rental products, a fun new trend in event food service has taken over.


When it comes to food stations, the sky is the limit. A bridal shower brunch featuring a mimosa bar with our champagne flutes will dazzle your best girls while they sample various mimosa concoctions. Did you know you can put champagne with almost any citrus juice and call it a mimosa? Just think of the options!


DIY Tart Bar

Buffets are already interactive in allowing for some choice when it comes to dining, but themed food stations add a visual element that will have your guests talking for weeks. The décor and DIY elements that can go into a s’mores, popcorn, or potato station are endless.Food stations allow you as host to choose a dish you love and let your guests personalize it to their liking. They are the perfect additions to baby showers, weddings receptions, bridal showers, Sunday brunch, galas, fundraisers…you name it!


 Food and drink stations that guests work themselves are a hoot. But what about adding a touch of gourmet by working with your caterer to bring in some personable chefs to run food stations like an omelet bar, grilled cheese station, or a crepe station—talk about yum! Not only will your food stations be fun and interactive, but with a chef personalizing every dish to the specifications of your guests. They are bound to be as close to perfect as you can get.


What would your favorite food station feature? Cookies and sweets or something savory to melt in your mouth?



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