Dunk Tanks & Corporate Team Building

Games-Inflatables-Outdoor-Games-2Can you imagine a more rewarding experience than watching your manager get dunked in a dunk tank at the company gathering? What about teaming up with your fellow cubicle-mates in a giant game of human foosball?  Work is supposed to be work- but periodic team building exercises can be a fun and rewarding way to get to know your coworkers and develop a fun and functional environment to boost productivity and relieve stress.  

Take a break from the daily grind of sales and stress and enjoy spending time with the people with whom you spend 40 hours a week. If contact sports aren’t up your alley- try a game show with the higher-ups teaming up with the interns and really see what the new guys know versus the old cronies!  You might be surprised at what the interns have to offer and this type of activity could shed light on new opportunities for the business as a whole in addition to the interns’ career options. You never know what quirky knowledge someone may possess until a heated game of Hollywood Squares takes off in the office meeting. Adding some friendly competition in the form of a silly “Minute to Win It” task can truly bring coworkers closer together, making them happier in the office and more pleasant and productive daily.

If you’re planning something to include families, keep the kids busy in a Party Plus moon bounce while the grownups get some downtime with their coworkers- have the interns supervise the kids!

The sky is the limit when it comes to party rentals available from Party Plus. You can go all out with a full buffet, inflatables, games, tables, chairs…the works! Or just pop a few fun games and activities in to really make the party memorable- Party Plus has what you need at a price that won’t push your business over your budget!




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