When Life Gives You Lemons… Make a Centerpiece!

We love the look of these citrusy centerpieces, and we just knew we could make them ourselves! Our versatile cylinders are used to showcase a simple combination of decorative citrus {we chose lemons, but think of the possibilities!} and a drum shade.

Example Cylinder

The faux-lamp sits high enough above the seated guests to keep conversation uninterrupted by an over sized decoration as the focal point of the table.

This is one of our simplest DIY projects to date. {And you know how much we love keeping things simple!}

A quick trip to Target to collect our decorative lemons, a stroll to our warehouse for the cylinder, and a hop back from Ikea, and we were ready to go! Once you’ve gathered your materials, you are just a few steps away from a gorgeous centerpiece!

1. Make sure the cylinder is freshly Windex’d on the interior of the vase. Any smudges will be impossible to remove once you've added the lemons!
2. Open up those beautiful boxes of lemons and plunk them in the cylinder. You can shuffle them around if they don’t fall quite right.
3. Once the lemons are in place, pop the drum shade on top. {You’ll need to use some clear adhesive to keep the drum shade in place.}
4. Place your new fabulous centerpiece where you think it looks best!

lemon centerpiece cylinder

Lemons are certainly not your only option when it comes to filling your vase. You can stick with a citrus theme and incorporate some limes and oranges, or even drop in some glass ornaments around the holidays for a beautiful Christmas centerpiece. 



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